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 Inspired by the likes of other hip hop greats, Ice Cube, Tupac, & E-40, Pistola launched his musical pilgrimage in the early 90's simply as an extracurricular activity, an L.A. native who grew up in the heartland of the Southwest, Oklahoma City. Dubbed "Pistola" as a child and called "the realist vato" by his peers Pistola explains the meaning of his moniker, "People used to call me "Pistola" all the time as a kid - and as I grew up and started rapping the name was just a play on the word pistol - people say my Rhymes hit hard as a gun that's why pistola's my name."

Returning with 'The Realest Vato' a more radio friendly, club induced, & positive/life inspired effort than it's predecessor. Pistola showcases his substantial growth on his new set. 'The Realest Vato' serves as an aphrodisiac for those who crave hard hitting beats from an artist who has no qualms about the art of vivid story telling. Possessing an impeccable flow & delivery, Pistola invites both new listeners and his already burgeoning fan base into his world of true unadulterated hip hop.

More seasoned & drenched with layers of R&B/Soul, Pistola's 'The realest vato' showcases a more confident artist. lyrically, musically, and sexually speaking. Flaunting his prowess when it comes to the art of "Pistol Play," from the crazy-sexy-cool track "Pistol Play," a track hard hitting and tongue in cheek enough to bring you back for more with each listen. Sowing a sense of positive purpose on the shining "The Message: Never Give Up," in which Pistola proclaims that anyone can make it with determination. Showcasing his ability to switch gears in his hot headed ode, "Mad A'Cha," to a relationship on the verge of collapse by betrayal on the piano heavy track "Better Than That," to the instant radio ready smash "Never Love Again," Pistola shows no sign of a sophomore slump with this hard hitting effort that will satisfy the palate of any true hip hop head.

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 Seriously focusing on the launch of his career in the late 90's Pistola recorded his debut effort, 'Gangsta Memories,' with the help of emerging yet experienced producer extraordinaire, Nut-P, 'Gangsta Memories' served as a looking glass into the dark & melancholy world of Pistola's exploits with gang life, drugs, & violence from his past experiences, all of which painted the gritty masterpiece in which captured a fan base in which Pistola relishes in to this day. "Yeah dropping that album was an accomplishment - I really wanted to recapture the west coast's musical reign," reflects Pistola. Creating a modest buzz selling over 2000 copies of his debut effort of dark, aggression, & pain riddled club bangin' joints to tracks about personal & spiritual gratitude, with the stand out Westside riders anthem "Asi Ase."

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 When asked what he desires to gain from his exposure & success, Pistola speaks with serious & focused consciousness, "Really I do this 'cause to me it's not about how many people knew you're name well you were alive - it's about how many you've touched in the process," says Pistola. With skills that rival & surpasses many of his rap counterparts, Pistola & his latest offering 'The Realest Vato' show & prove that the genre & style of west coast is far from extinct with a bold ambiance tinged with a sexy & confident Latin savoir faire.  


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Never Love Again

 Never love again is a smooth interpretation of a love relationship gone wrong we can all relate to as it changes the heart into a cold meaningless search for lust.