Kula Voncile AKA QUEEN KONG is the ultimate Hip Hop artist!

Kula Voncille  was born and raised in Virginia, but had her roots in the 804, 757 and 703 area codes of the state. Kula Voncille has been rapping since the better part of 2012 and has no intentions of ever slowing down.

Kula says "I pride myself on being  snarky, funny, and intelligent all at the same time. I value being a student of HIP HOP and I do my best to uphold true HIP HOP. There is no need for me to show an excess of skin and flesh, it takes away from the lyrics! No mumble rap!"

She has taken her time and honed her craft by performing at various local showcases as well as open mics all over the state of Virginia. She was also given the honor of winning an open mic forum and opening for the Legendary Slick Rick.

In 2017 Kula won a 2 year distribution deal with Protect Ya Neck Records as well as multiple prizes in the first ever Music and Lyrics Rap Competition.

Kula Voncille is currently promoting myself on various online and FM radio stations as well as multiple Hip Hop social media groups.

On her way to being even more successful, Kula has become apart of a digital Hip Hop Magazine where she is one of the writers. Essentially being a great fit as she embodies the art of the Hip Hop culture.



"In 2017 I was introduced to Kula Voncille by one of my favorite emcees J.d Haze. So out of curiosity I went into YouTube and found several videos of performances that grabbed my attention asap. Her performance opening for master story teller Slick Rick was astounding. I quickly found that she is no regular just starting up rapper. She has the skills that true emcees have for years. I got the feel of a polished emcee. Ten Parent Commandments caught my peers with a vengeance and others as well. She has gained the respect of her male counterparts as MC Lyte did in the 80s. In the revitalization of the Hip Hop Culture, Queen Kong is a vital part of the culture. 
- James Mayfield CEO of Hip Hop Forum Culture. Hip Hop Is Life

Kula Voncille



"Kula Voncille has returned lyricism and originality back to hip hop. In a age of mumble rap and every “MC” sounding like each other Kula is a refreshing alternative to the disappointing state of hip hop in regards to the feelings of true rap fans . With a creative sample of THE CHORDETTES 1958 track of the same name “Mr Sandman “brings the art of story telling back to a hip hop culture that was poorly in need of a refresh. With creative metaphors and a addictive beat laid down by 4Jei. This track gives hip hop heads hope for the future of hip hop."


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