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So a little about me. I am a new female artist in Atlanta. I moved here from up north in November 2016. I came from Baltimore I had moved there in 2012 from Philadelphia to be with my late husband who passed away in July 2017. I always had a love for words. In the 3rd grade I was reading at a 12th grade level. I started with poetry at a young age and when I started hanging around musicians I noticed that when I would hear their beats sometimes a hook would pop in my head. I never really spoke up about it because I was definitely too shy and worried people would never take me seriously. Throughout the years I always had a love for music but I never thought to write anything down in fear of being judged so I kept my own talent locked away in a treasure box in the back of my mind. In April 2019 I went through some life changing events that made me fall into a dark place. My mind wasn’t right I wasn’t taking care of myself. Depression had set in. One day my friends was sitting in my room and listening to beats and I heard one particular beat and I said “hmm that is a nasty song” with their encouragement I wrote my first song thinking it was going to be corny to everyone but everyone LOVED it. It is called “Diamond$” and it is very raunchy lol. I wound up going to the studio, for my first time, to record it on May 7th 2019. After finally unlocking my talent and being pulled out of my depression I began doing shows and listening to more beats. It’s like the music talks to me and tells me what to say. To date I have about 25-30 songs recorded. I have done at least 60-80 shows and there is not an end in site for me. I love doing music it has become my passion. I am not doing it for money or for fame but strictly for pure happiness 


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look at me” basically it’s for all these caddy people out in the world who are always gossiping or talking behind someone’s back, on social networks, or over the phone, but can’t do it to your face. I encourage haters to look at me I need that attention it means I’m going something right but doesn’t think I’m ever too dumb to notice